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Hi all,
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Hola a todos,
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Como despedida aquí os dejamos nuestra última novedad.

Drum mayor Stubert at Plancenoit (28mm)

Hi all,

Here are some pictures of the sculpts of our next vignette.
It represents Drum mayor Stubert during the Old guards’  Plancenoit sweep up during the battle of Waterloo.

You will be able to get the figures separately or the three together as a vignette. If there is demand we will also sell the heads spare ones.  (Also the grenadiers head).

Stuber’s head position may look awkward, but that is because the head goes with the neck, and there is a small “pin” that comes out of the body in order to securely fix the head.  You just have to accordingly drill the neck and the head will fit perfectly. Or just simply cut the pin if you don’t want to drill and rely on a two flat surface bonding.

As for the scale/size/compatibility nightmare: 

 We think we can say these are 28mm, even though they are slightly taller than the average 28mm figure. For those of you who might want to mix them with other figures we can assure that they are totally compatible with other brands. To confirm this I’ve included a fun comparison picture, which I think is quite interesting and revealing.
We hope we can release these figures in about 4 or 5 weeks.

Hope you like them.


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